15 Super Fun 100 Day Project Ideas for Kindergarten (2024)

All around the country, kindergarten students are getting the same assignment, “In honor of the 100th day of school, create a project that brings to life the number 100.”

Also all around the country… parents are wondering how the heck they can help their little one with this milestone project. If you need help brainstorming 100 Day project ideas for kindergarten, you have come to the right place! I gathered some favorites that I have seen throughout the years in the hopes of helping you & your little one with one of their first big assignments.

My Experience with “100 Days of School” Projects

“When did this start being a thing?” asked my friend Jen, as she posted this picture of her daughter on Instagram. Neither of us is sure of the answer, but if you can’t beat them you might as well join them.

When Julian was in kindergarten, he and I used the 100 Days project as an excuse to get crafty. We cut up strips of fabric into 100 square-ish scraps (actually, he picked them and I cut them). Then we pinned them onto a square piece of fabric. And then we sewed. Not the most amazing craft, I know.

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We kept it simple. It had just ten running stitches all the way across the fabric. In my over-ambitious crafter’s mind, I was going to turn this into a pillow for him after we brought it home from school, but he’s in second grade now and I still haven’t gotten around to it.

Then, I came home and found that some other crazy pants (and I say “crazy pants” with the utmost respect for their creativity) parents had done these fantastic projects with their children. Feeling inspired, put together a list of ideas for the next time around! And, here we go…

15 Amazing 100 Day Project Ideas

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1. Create a 100 Legged Rainbow Centipede Friend

This simple and colorful craft is the perfect way to bring 100 to life! All you need is pipe cleaners and painted 4″ styrofoam balls to create your 100-legged centipede. Of course, some googly eyeballs would also come in handy. Check out the idea on Pinterest here!

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2. “Plant” a Pot of Lollipop Flowers for 100 Day of School Project

I have never met a kindergartener who doesn’t love lollipops. So I can bet your little one will be thrilled to help create this 100 Day of School project (as long as you can keep the lollipops from being eaten before they get to the classroom)! You will use a planter with foam inside of it then stick 100 Dum Dums into it.

Buy a bag of lollipops here to get started.

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3. Create a 100 Eyed Monster

This monster is absolutely adorable! I guarantee my little monster, Liv, will want to do it for her next 100th Day of School project. All you have to do is cut out a monster, then your little one can help pick the shape and glue on 100 googly eyes!

After all, nothing can beat a good pun; “Eye have seen 100 days!”

4. Fill a Gumball Print Out with 100 “Gumballs”

If you are looking to keep it cute and simple, this is a great way to bring 100 to life. However, I would trade the paper cut-outs for colorful pom-poms!

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5. Up Up And Away 100 Day Project

I love the idea of creating a cape for your kindergartner to wear to their 100 Day Celebration. No one knows better than this mama that 100 days really do fly by!

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6. 100 Melted Crayons

This project may get messy, but it sure is cool looking! You just glue the crayons down to a poster board and then hold a blow dryer over them. Here is a great creative example from Pinterest!

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7. Handmake 100 Days T-shirts with Tally Marks

The concept is simple, now you just have to decide how you want to get it done. The first step; pick out a plain white t-shirt. Then either iron on or draw on 100 tally marks. Check out further details for this craft here!

Bonus; it will help your child learn to count by 5’s as well!

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8. Create a Sticker Crown Fit for Royalty

100 days of school definitely makes your kindergartener worthy of a crown!

Here are some super simple project for us less crafty parents:

9. Fill a bag with 100 pennies.

10. Make a string of 100 beads.

11. Hook together a chain of 100 pipe cleaners.

12. Make a creation from 100 LEGO bricks.

13. Fill a fishbowl with 100 gummy fish.

14. Write 100 words about their year so far. Just have them tell you a story and jot it down for them!

15. Use this 100 Yummy Things Printable!

How will you be celebrating the 100th day of school this year?

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Pin for Later- 15 100th Day of School Ideas!

15 Super Fun 100 Day Project Ideas for Kindergarten (10)
15 Super Fun 100 Day Project Ideas for Kindergarten (11)
15 Super Fun 100 Day Project Ideas for Kindergarten (12)
15 Super Fun 100 Day Project Ideas for Kindergarten (13)
15 Super Fun 100 Day Project Ideas for Kindergarten (14)
15 Super Fun 100 Day Project Ideas for Kindergarten (15)
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15 Super Fun 100 Day Project Ideas for Kindergarten (2024)


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