Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel 5-21-2024   – Dinar Detectives – Iraqi Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel (2024)

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel 5-21-2024

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel 5-21-2024 Audio is below

Welcome everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, May the 21st. and you’re listening to the big call. I’m glad everybody’s tuned in. Hopefully you’re listening all around the globe to our Starlink satellite system and our star team, or as I call it, I call it sat, sat team meaning, satellite team, and hopefully sat team is doing their thing and getting the call out all over the place – so that’s great news

We’re looking forward to having a really good call tonight. I’m excited about it. And I can’t wait to get started. let’s go ahead and pray the call in,

Okay, all right, well, let’s see is that four minutes of the hour let’s go ahead and get into some intel and see if we can define where we are you know, I can make this short and sweet and I think I’m inclined to do that. So let’s say it this way -=

We’ve got information that there was a meeting last night, I’m going to say yesterday evening and through last night to 64 individuals in Reno. Now this was designed to have 2 of our top people at the top of getting this RV done. One of which you’ve heard me talk about Judy Shelton was there and another person there, but they were told by a leader. I’m not sure who it was exactly. But they said, Alright, you guys. Get to this meeting in Reno. And decide when the RV numbers are going to come out.

In other words, the emails that we’re waiting for in tier three and tier four, for us bondholders and tier three, and tier four, A & B We’re B Internet Group, make that decision as to whether this is going to be released either Wednesday or today.

I think we can write today off unless and I’ve got some other stuff to say about it. But it definitely brings Wednesday tomorrow into play high chance of it and they reached the decision – According to people we had on the ground.

It appears that this could go according to the results of our person on the ground – In Reno – this could go at any time –

Now to start – I’ll just cut to the easy math between three in the afternoon tomorrow and nine that evening tomorrow night. If it’s tomorrow, and not tonight, so let’s talk about that for a second –

So we got a thirty hour window from 9am this morning – Eastern – to six which would put it at 3pm in the afternoon, tomorrow. To 9pm. And that works.

And it could be a Charlie Warren Thursday, where we get notified – set appointments and stock exchanges on Thursday. I don’t know that but that is very possible.

Now the other intel that we have about relatedness comes from a precious metals broker in New England. That is saying the information he has is showing that this would go later on tonight.

And it could end up manifesting to us in the morning. It could have come out in the morning.

A rate would be established at the banks at 9am in the morning, the redemption centers in less than five days. So when we did have was that the rate, we’re shooting zeros, I believe on Saturday, all across the screen. And then Sunday. They started moving up they started coming on to the screens and changing and coming up in the values.

So it appears that the rates are moving in the direction that we actually expect them to be and we can’t say what they are we don’t know excactly – but they are supposed to be on the bank screens and on the redemption center screens yesterday and especially today.

So they’re moving in the right direction they’re populating this expression. Rates are populating and they were moving the expression we heard for redemption center was moving at 90 miles an hour.

The pitcher rates just populating showing movement all across the board. That’s probably what happened –

Now. Will they settle in overnight? Will they settle at a place? Monday? I don’t know. But let’s find out. Generally speaking, that banks that are doing exchanges, the rates will maybe they fluctuate. You might have one rate in the morning and then you might have a bank rate in the afternoon – Stay with that rate. Even if it moves off of it a little bit. That could be a situation we’re in.

I don’t know if we are going to have fixed rates when we go in or whether we’re going to have variable rates because they’re still being traded up or dow

But whichever it is they’re going to be good. they’re going to be very good. And I heard one piece of information that we did not confirm it’s just one piece that the contract rate on the dinar is going to be very very high. And the reason that was – I think they should theoretically offer us – is that because Iraq, remember we have the technology to pull off the natural gas from theswe oil wells – and that gas on the oil wells. And we taught them technology years ago, probably at least five or six or more years ago – where they could capture that before you’re just losing it into the atmosphere. As you guys know, natural gas or compressed natural gas CNG is very valuable and very affordable.

So I think they learned the technology how to kap gas from the wells pa In addition to pulling the oil off, but that takes the per barrel price if you will, tire, because the contract rate is based on what a barrel of oil in Iraq can be sold to a buyer like Turkey who’s buying oil by the barrel from Iraq, that created a certain – A certain contract rate for us.

Well, you take that the barrel price of oil and add to that the value of the net gas that’s being pulled out of the well and you get an enhanced price – it doesn’t mean that the oil is selling for more but you have more value coming out of that well, because that natural gas can be stored, compressed, and sold and use you guys know CNG. Right. That’s really a great product recently.

So I think we’re going to be very pleasantly surprised by that. In addition, we’ve had things like around the globe, showing changes in leadership, Switzerland is a new Switzerland, and we’ve got a new leader in that country – We’ve got a new leader in Brazil.

We have a new leader coming in Iran with what has happened in Iran recently and there’s another country I believe of Singapore also is sovereign and pulls away from their influence underneath Great Britain

So there’s a lot has happened in the last week or so. Even few days. That’s moving all these countries into their own sovereignty. I think that’s all part of GESARA and I’m encouraged by what’s happening around the world with totally new leadership positions.

So that’s what I want to bring as far as that goes

The other thing the Neville Brothers was saying was that this could go overnight tonight, maybe – this is a maybe – maybe we do wake up to the emails tomorrow – or maybe not. But that was kind of what one opinion of this broker who was pretty well connected, was saying.

So maybe we get this in the morning. Maybe we get it by noon. Maybe we get it in the afternoon or in the evening – from what we’re getting from our source on the ground in Reno.

What I found interesting was everybody left Reno either last night, or at 6 am this morning – that’s the report we had from the airport. So it sounds like they got it done. They made a decision. And based on that decision – we should have this overnight tonight or tomorrow – So that’s the latest information that we have had.

I don’t have any update to that that was what we received in the morning today. and nothing else has come into to ameliorate that.

And as far as other Intel. You know nothing else is coming to mind. Now, that’s as important as what we heard today. And we’re all concerned about any of witnesses being released. And now that you have that. I want to be in an attitude of prayer as we pray. the call out tonight.

Let’s say these numbers are not Let’s say we have a Charlie Ward Thursday meeting set appointments and what does that look like?

And if that happens, we probably won’t have another black big call. But we will probably be sending you guys you know calls that are cast with links sent to you by email.

Okay, there’s quite a bit to it. So thanks for listening, everybody. I appreciate you. And let’s just say and say for this So this information that we got today is reliable and holds up And we’re looking forward to getting this very soon. Thank you all Let’s pray the call out.

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel 5-21-2024   – Dinar Detectives – Iraqi Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel (2024)


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