Mason Jar Recipes You Need To Try! (2024)

I’ve always adored the simplicity and classic look of the mason jar. Even though the mason jar has been around for over 150 years (1858 to be exact!!!!), it’s still one of the best ways to seal and preserve food because of the seal on the jar. I also can’t get past the insane cuteness of the jar either. It’s a timeless piece in the kitchen and I’m just going to go ahead and say it….EVERYTHING is better in a mason jar!

I’ve seen people all over the web finding creative ways to fill up mason jars with their favorite recipes or even diy projects for the home. If you’ve ever gotten lost on Pinterest (who hasn’t), I’m sure you know what I’m talking about! I have been wanting to put together a list of a few of my favorite mason jar recipes that I’ve found in the past few months and my list is finally complete! I hope you can try a few of these mason jar recipes in your own time.

All you need is some quality mason jars and you’re ready to go!

Mason Jar Recipes

First, let’s start with the first meal of the day, breakfast!!! Here are a couple of my favorite mason jar breakfast recipes.

Mason Jar Breakfast Recipes

Who doesn’t love a simple bacon and egg recipe? At The Picket Fence has created this simple spin on the bacon and egg breakfast by putting it into a mason jar, making it simple to make the night before and grab on the go in the morning.

How about a mason jar breakfast casserole? Hello, deliciousness! Lovely Little Details created this brilliant recipe and it’s a must try!

Any healthy eater knows that oatmeal is a staple to their diet. Why not try a mason jar oatmeal recipe to spice your morning routine up? There are SO many different toppings you can add to your oatmeal jars to keep it different every day. The Yummy Life created this fun refrigerator oatmeal recipe that will be a staple to your food-prep and prepare you for a successful week.

Here is one more refrigerator oatmeal recipes that was also worth mentioning. This one was created by Too Much Time.

Mason Jar Salad Recipes

Salads are one of the best ideas for mason jars, just make sure to put the dressing or wet ingredients on the bottom of the jar so they don’t make your other ingredients too soggy before you get around to eating it.

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE love LOVE Mexican food. This mason jar taco salad recipe will fulfill any Mexican food craving you have. Organize Yourself Skinny created a recipe that looks like a keeper in my eyes.

This is a more simple mason jar salad recipe which you can spruce up more if you’d like. This image created by Life A LA Wife helps to demonstrate the order of which you should add to your mason jar salads.

One of my favorite types of salads (besides taco salad of course) is a standard chef salad packed with different proteins and veggies. Baby Gizmo does a great job with this mason jar chef salad recipe.

Mason Jar Dinner Recipes

Imagine coming home from work and heading to the fridge to find your pre-cooked dinner already prepped and ready for you. All you have to do is empty it out and heat it up (or do what I do and eat them straight from the jar!) Some of these recipes can also be frozen. You can keep them in the freezer until the night before where you can move it to the fridge to thaw out before you plan on eating it.

Did you know you make a chicken pot pie in a mason jar? Where have I been? I had NO clue and never thought about this idea! I can’t wait to try this recipe created by The Nerds Wife (adapted from a

If you’re feeling like a pasta dinner, try this mason jar pasta salad recipe below created by Kitchen Daily.

To go along with my crazy Mexican food cravings, this one looks like a must try for me. Mason jar chicken tortilla soup would be great to pack in a jar to eat any time, any where! This chicken tortilla soup recipe was created by All Parenting. Looks SO GOOD!

Mason Jar Dessert Recipes

Don’t forget about dessert. Yes, dessert can be packed in a cute mason jar as well. Some of these recipes will be great to put in the freezer and will last FOREVER!

This yummy frozen strawberry protein frappuccino drink was created by Semi Healthy Blog and would be great on a warm summer day. I love that it’s refreshing and packed with protein. That’s my kinda drink.

How about a fun and flavorful fruit crumble dessert (like a fruit cobbler) that would be so cute to serve and WOW your friends. This adorable recipe was created by Boulder Locavore.

This adorable cookie recipe is perfect for a gift. Pack all the ingredients of your favorite cookie recipe in a mason jar and give it as a party favor at your next party! Such a cute idea by Texas Farmers Daughter.

If you’re wondering where to get the best mason jars, here’s some help. I love how reasonably priced they are too!

These are my go-to favorite of all time mason jars!

Make sure to hover over the image below to save for the future or share these mason jar recipes with your friends!

Mason Jar Recipes You Need To Try! (2024)


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