Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night  5-23-24 — Dinar Recaps (2024)

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 5-23-24

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight. It's Thursday, and it is May 23rd and you're listening to the big call. and I'm excited to be here to pray the call in. That's what we do every Tuesday and Thursday nights And so let's go ahead and do that, We'll go from there and have our evening prayer.

Now we'll see where this goes from here – the intel it's kind of short and sweet tonight. I'll just fill you guys in. What we had heard from our contacts in Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia was they were expecting to receive these email our emails today. Well, we know that didn't happen.

So ---- Because that didn't happen our other contacts at the redemption were telling us that we should get this -- If we did not get a pm today -- we would get over the weekend -- I don’t believe that's going to happen for this reason -- We have Memorial Day on Monday -- It looks like we probably will not get the numbers, the 800 numbers to call in until Tuesday -- when everybody's back at the redemption centers back to the call centers. I believe we're gonna get those on on Tuesday and exchange if we get them early enough, either on Tuesday afternoon or on Wednesday.

This happens every time we had a 3 day weekend. I just wanted everybody to have a good Memorial Day. Keep our veterans and our soldiers in mind there's a lot happening for that for that going on right now. And you know guys, I keep talking about clean – up on aisle 3 / 4 / 5 - There's more cleanup today. There's more cleanup going on over the weekend. But I don't think we're gonna get the numbers until Tuesday, Tuesday morning.

That's where I've been led from these sources that we have. So I'm going to say we're probably gonna be going not this week of course us or this weekend for that matter. It's probably next week. And so let’s plan on that - We’ll plan on getting started next week and then if I remember right helped me with the calendar Bob - by the 28th is what? Monday? the 28th Tuesday Tuesday Ok -- I am looking for us to get notified on Tuesday – morning should be -- could be maybe after lunch, whatever but we should get them then. and then exchange probably on Wednesday 29th.

So we still should get it this month - And that would be a great thing for us to get. I know everybody wants it yesterday and months ago. I know that - I did too. -- But realistically, I don't think we're going to put people in the redemption centers on the weekend on Sunday or Monday, think they're going to let the holiday speak for themselves.

And I just have a feeling that's when you happen because we would need to outfit and put the people in the redemption centers, and in the call centers don't see that happening until Tuesday - then, so I want everybody to have a good Memorial Day weekend. And then we'll go forward from that point on.

That's where it is right now. That's the latest information that I got. I got some other things that looked like it was gonna go this weekend but that has been superseded for what we have, so I'm not gonna buy I don't know anything's possible with this. We know that. But it doesn't make sense if they would start us over the holiday weekend. That's what I'm going to say as far as that goes.

Thank you for your segment Bob it was really good, highly educational Thank you Sue for everything that you brought tonight. And thank you Bob again - let's let's go ahead and pray the call out. And then we'll go from there – All right that sounds good.

So everybody keep in mind our veterans this weekend that Monday, Memorial Day, and everything that we can do to pray for our active service members.

And if it makes sense, get out and play some golf do something enjoyable. Maybe you're going to the beach. That's what I wanted to say tonight. So let's pray the call out

All right. so everybody, have a wonderful Memorial Day.

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night  5-23-24 — Dinar   Recaps (2024)


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